Flatpack Apps

Rapid web-based database application development

Flatpack Apps is a low-code tool for rapid development of web-based database applications.

It can be used to create an application from scratch, or to create a web-interface to a pre-existing MySQL database.

Flatpack Apps is ideal for creating administrative systems or for converting spreadsheets into database applications. If the app you have in mind consists mostly of forms, menus, tables, and charts, Flatpack Apps is well suited.

Flatpack Apps greatly reduces the time and cost of database application development. It produces fast-loading applications with consistent look and feel, and high levels of reliability.

The Flatpack Apps development process

  1. Create database tables using a simple tool
  2. Create web pages to provide an interface to your database
  3. Upload data if required from CSV files
  4. Choose a style template or create your own
  5. Create users and set permissions to allow others to use your application

Flatpack Apps is a low-code tool, which means some coding is required. Not much coding is required for basic applications however, and what little is required can be learned. Flatpack Apps is intended to be no more difficult to learn than Microsoft Excel.

Our aim is for non-programmers to be able to create useful applications, and for programmers to feel empowered and not constrained by the tool.

Low-code development

Where coding is required, the languages used are the basic languages of the internet (HTML, CSS, and Javascript), and the most common database query language (SQL).

This is a good thing for two reasons: (1) Anyone who already knows these languages will be immediately productive, and (2) Skills learned using Flatpack Apps will be applicable elsewhere.

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