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Frequently asked questions

Can you elaborate on the limits to your 'initial data upload for free' offer?

Roughly speaking, if we think we can build your online database and upload your spreadsheets in a few days, we will do the job for free. If after inspecting your spreadsheet we think the job will require more than a few days work, we will let you know as soon as possible, and where possible give a quote for the remaining work.

We are experts at this, and we are confident in our tools and our abilities. Based on the spreadsheets we have seen so far, we think most will be covered by our offer. You have nothing to lose by contacting us.

The other condition on our offer is that we require a commitment to pay for our service for four months, at our low rate of $25 per month.

Does your service include data backups?
Yes. Daily backups are included.
Can I use a page or pages like those from your demo system on my public website?
Yes you can. Get started by contacting us.
Does Flatpack Apps interface with [system X]?
All pages on our online databases allow CSV upload and download by default, including update of existing records during CSV upload. This allows import and export to any other systems that also accept CSV files. If customers desire more seamless interfaces, we are keen to build them. Tell us what you want to do, and we'll find a way to do it.
Do you do have an admin interface?
Yes we do. The admin interface allows the database administrator to add users and set permissions, as well as make changes to the database like adding or modifying tables and columns. We will show you how to use it as the need arises.
Can you describe the process you use to convert a spreadsheet to an online database?
We have developed a low-code platform to help with the specific task of creating online database applications similar to our demo system. Our process involves first inspecting your spreadsheets and designing a database schema, then creating a MySQL database matching the schema, then using our platform to create an online interface to the MySQL database. Our platform has lots of features that ensure the online databases we create are easy to use, reliable, fast-loading, and free of errors.
Do you have any plans to open your development platform to outside developers?

Yes we do. We want everyone to be able to create online databases as easily as we can. We are continually developing our platform with the aim of opening it up to outside developers when we think it is ready.

If this interests you, please join our mailing list using the form at the bottom of the page. We will notify you of any significant developments.

I would like an online database like the one in your demo, but I don't have a spreadsheet to start from. Can you build me a system from scratch?
Absolutely we can. Get started by contacting us.
Do you do custom development?

Yes we do. We specialise in developing online database systems similar to our demo system, but we will consider every request.

We routinely do custom development to fill in the missing pieces for systems built using our platform. Typically for customers coming from spreadsheet systems, we find that 90% of what they want can be built using our platform, and the few remaining required pieces we can normally build quickly for no extra cost. We consider this part of our service to get customers up and running. If we consider a request too large to build for free, we will offer advice and perhaps give a quote for further custom development.

If you are unsure whether the system you desire is well suited to Flatpack Apps, you have nothing to lose by asking us. We will welcome any enquiry, and recommend another vendor if we think they would be a better match.

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